Put your skills to the test as well as learn some new ones. You will be put into a mock survival scenario along side our instructors who will guide you through how best to use your skills and survive a desperate situation.    

Survival Weekend

Saturday to Sunday afternoon

Shelter Building

Making a functional shelter in a survival situation could be the difference between life and death. You will be shown a number of techniques to help keep you safe from the elements.


Nothing is more important than good navigational skills as most desperate situations start with people getting lost. You learn primitive and modern methods of finding your way around no matter where you are on the planet.

Trapping & Fire lighting

Here the fire lighting and trapping skills learned on level one will be taken a step further. You will solidify your knowledge by trapping your own food and cooking it over your own fire. a real survival experience!!!

Game Prep

After building successful traps you will then be shown how to prep and cook a number of common game animals. This will be your food for your night around a camp fire.

Water Purification

Finding yourself fresh, clean drinking water is a need to know skill. Dehydration effects all your decision making skills and can be the beginning of the end. We will show you the best ways to find and prepare water to make it safe to drink.

Camp Craft

Camp craft involves useful skills that make camping out in the wilderness a little more comfortable. This can involve making chairs and cooking aids as well as techniques to help keep you warm at night.

You must complete level 1 and 2 before attending this course

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